Tamplarie PVC Germania | Geam Termopan, Usa Termopan,

Tamplarie PVC Germania | Geam Termopan, Usa Termopan,

Tamplarie PVC Germania | Geam Termopan, Usa Termopan,

Useful Tips

For your windows to have an operating life as long as possible, we suggest the following:

  1. For cleaning the window profiles, it will be used household cleaners with mild action (such as dishwashing detergent), but that do not contain solvents. There will never be used for cleaning, abrasive powder or diluent.
  2. Fitting maintenance:
    Since your window was endowed with a very high quality fitting, its maintenance is very simple to be accomplished by you: check at least once a year the wear of the moving parts of the fitting system, the closing parts and the blocking poppets and smear the tilting and turning in-swing shear as well as the sash angles with technical grease.

*Note* The seals do not require a special maintenance!


  • never place an obstacle in the opening area between the sash and the frame
  • avoid any additional load on the sash
  • do not press the sash over the side jamb
  • in the area between the sash and the frame there is the danger of injury by trapping the body parts

Proper ventilation of the room:

The humidity of the room is permanently growing, by the one released constantly by people, as well as by cooking, the steam from the bathroom, etc.. If there isn’t a a regular ventilation or there is an improper ventilation, there will certainly develop the condensation or the mold, causing serious health problems.

In general, there are 3 types of ventilation:

Almaterm The cross ventilation -> The windows and doors of a room are completely open. It is indicated to be performed 3 to 4 times/day during the winter months.
Almaterm The shock ventilation -> The windows in a room are completely open. The shock ventilation is recommended to be performed 3 – 4 times/day during the winter months.
Almaterm The constant ventilation -> The unnecessary heat losses through the tilt opening of the window, colling very much the room.

8 important tips for ventilation:

  1. Never completely close the heat during the time you are not in the room. The constant cooling and reheating are much more expensive than the maintaining of a lower average temperature.
  2. Check the humidity by using a hygrometer. The level of the humidity in the house must not exceed 65%. The values of the humidity below 35% are also detrimental to health.
  3. Keep the doors between the rooms closed, because the heat is different in them.
  4. Never ventilate from a room to another, always will be ventilated with fresh air from outside.
  5. When it forms a large amount of water vapors (e.g.: from cooking), immediately ventilate with air from the outside, making sure that the steam does not penetrate into the other rooms.
  6. Where it is necessary to dry the laundry inside the room, it will be ventilated more often.
  7. Keep a distance of about 5 cm between the wall of the room and the furniture in the rooms.
  8. Ventilate the room using one of the types listed above.

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